Session II

Pre-Session Activity II: Diigo Scavenger Hunt

In this activity, you will embark on a web scavenger hunt searching for at least two educational technology uses in your discipline. Once you find them, share them with our FLC using Diigo bookmarks! (BONUS: add ideas you find that use your new technology tool!)

  1. Join our FLC on Educational Technology Diigo Group
    Confirm email invite to join our Diigo Group
  2. Install Diigo Toolbar in your favorite browser
  3. Get started with your scavenger hunt by searching the web for technology-based lessons in your discipline.
    Bookmark your finds using Diigo! (Be sure to add to our FLC Diigo Group)
  4. See what other FLCers’ bookmarked

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One Response to Session II

  1. kbv7001 says:

    Really resourceful session! We discussed tools for video/image (YouTube, Flickr, Animoto, Padlet), presentation tools (Slide, Haiku Deck, SlideShare), eportfolio tools (GoogleSites, WordPress), open resources (MIT Open Courseware), response tool alternatives (TopHat Monacle (student fee), TodaysMeet). What else – anyone have more to add?


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