And Deidre Pike

Here's me hiking on the bluffs outside of Trinidad.

Here’s me hiking on the bluffs outside of Trinidad. It was windy.

I’m Deidre Pike, assistant professor of journalism at Humboldt State University, an author, former newspaper editor, and freelance magazine writer. I’ve taught the online course Mass Media and the Popular Arts (JMC 302) six times, and this semester I’m developing a hybrid class Environmental Reporting and Multimedia Storytelling. Yes, it is as much fun as it sounds.

I also teach a course that’s now required in the journalism core — Introduction to Journalism Tools. That’s where we learn to tell stories using photographs, audio, video and other tools — and publish the whole shebang on our individual WordPress blogs.

I’m not a tech expert, by any means. I have a doctoral degree in English Literature and Environment from the University of Nevada, Reno. I’ve written two books that have nothing, really, to do with using technology in the classroom: “Media Literacy: Seeking Honesty, Independence, and Productivity in Today’s Mass Messages” and “Enviro-toons: Green Themes in Animated Cinema and Television.”

And here I am.


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