Citations & Plagiarism Workshop

This is a lesson plan that I will use in the future. The various components and technologies can be used in other workshops as well. I have used presentations many times and because it is live on the web, I have seen students follow along on their own computers. I haven’t yet used Padlet or Poll Everywhere but see many different uses- such as using Padlet for brainstorming research topics. I used the Page Marker Chrome add-on in a workshop a few weeks ago, and drawing on a computer takes some skill that I still have yet to hone. But it is useful to be able to annotate webpages with that add-on or with the Diigo annotation tool to emphasize portions of a site and draw students’ attention to links and other features.

Lesson Plan (all links are the same document):

Google Doc Web View

Google Doc

HTML Presentation View


[Edited because I realized I used a weird Google Doc web view link earlier- I added a normal Google Doc link and added the link to the site I will present with)


About sometimesmotion

I'm the Digital Media & Learning Librarian at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. My pup, Jack (a schipperke) takes me and my partner, Amanda (a human), and my daughter, Eleanor on camping trips and to the local beaches to bark at the waves every chance he gets (which isn’t often enough, he’ll assure you). I also play music (guitar, clawhammer banjo, & ukulele), ride and work on bicycles and study all things library technology, web literacy and library instruction.
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