Meredith’s Course Blogs

I use my own “Course Blog” to house all sorts of content off of the University servers. If you want to poke around, you can see all sorts of assignments and resources, though only my active courses are showing at any given time. I link to the Course Blog from Moodle, and I list it along with required texts.

Here is the page I discussed in our session today, with resources for a Final Presentation assignment for graduate students in a qualitative research course.

For the graduate students in the “Practicing Sociology” track of the MA in Public Sociology, I also have the Public Sociology Blog. As a group, we have been building up the content to use as text, and resources, for future Public Sociology students. I intend for this to be an online textbook for that class, and other research-based courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We are especially excited about the Public Sociology Toolkit we have been making this year. Well, okay, I’m excited. They’re probably too cool to care as much as I do. 🙂


About meremerewilliams

Assistant Professor, Criminology and Justice Studies and Sociology, Humboldt State University
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One Response to Meredith’s Course Blogs

  1. Cesar A says:


    I really liked your lesson because I was looking for a model for the digital presentation I want to develop for my course this summer. I like the most the tutorial videos because that was my idea from the beginning and you applied in your lesson.

    Seems that some of these tutorials are readily available on your tube and thus facilitate the process of finding these for the students.

    Great lesson.



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