Tech tools — to help students learn

So what is this group all about?

The Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Enhancing Learning with Technology is a group of faculty members who want to get together, trade ideas, offer support, and reflect on the Big Picture — using tech tools in our classrooms.

You’ll walk away with a gazillion ideas and a crazy cool tech tool that you can keep forever and use with your students.

Plus, as Andrew Bird sings about the apocalypse, “there will be snacks.”

We’ll be meeting face-to-face — celebrating all levels of tech expertise! — for five sessions. We’ll talk about how to improve our teaching strategies using existing and new technologies. We might even fantasize about stuff not yet invented.

Our adventure is not intended to be just a “how to” class for technology but a space for sharing ideas and experiences and the opportunity to develop an activity or unit that uses technology to enhance student learning. We’ll share our roller-coaster of adventures with the wider university community at a future professional development event. That could mean the Institute for Student Success. Or maybe we can plan a Teaching with Tech carnival. I’m thinking clowns with web cams…

All of this manifests magic for your retention, tenure and/or promotion file.

Welcome to here. It’s going to be fun.

P.S. If you wanted to listen to the entire song “Tables & Chairs” by Andrew Bird, here it is.


About Deidre Pike

Author, amateur ceramicist, chicken keeper, and assistant professor of journalism at Humboldt State University.
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One Response to Tech tools — to help students learn

  1. yvonnecd says:

    I’m excited to get started!


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